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April 27, 2017
MediWound President and CEO, Gal Cohen, is interviewed on ILTV in Israel
February 13, 2017
Health: from Italy to Romania, for the patients of the Bucharest fire
February 13, 2017
NexoBrid burn gel to be included in the Therapeutic Handbook
February 7, 2017
Necrosis is gone, much skin is preserved!
February 7, 2017
Is it all in the mind?
February 7, 2017
Pineapple helps against burns
February 7, 2017
Bromelain supports healing
February 2, 2017
A substance derived from pineapple revolutionizes the treatment of burn patients
November 16, 2015
Letter from Romanian Embassy
July 7, 2014
Klinikum Nurnberg